A real-time 100% cloud-based EPOS solution that simplifies ‘point of service’ purchasing and enhances the entire guest experience. You can select from three different but complementary service styles that are easily configured to cater for every type of hospitality environment.

Fast, accurate and feature-rich, POSLink Touchscreen EPOS Technology improves the operation, management and profitability of hospitality or retail businesses. Versatile and packed full of smart functionality, configuration is easy, no matter how complex your infrastructure or business activities. Operational issues – including retail functions – are easily and seamlessly integrated into one effective touchscreen software solution. Clever up-selling, promotional modules and grouping prompts help sell more and give customers better value for money.

StockLink Online

A smart, intuitive online operational solution that facilitates watertight controls, including POS management, stock reporting and cash management business sheets.

StockLink Online is a cloud-based platform that gives you access to numerous real-time EPOS-driven tools to improve your business performance in multi-channel retailing environments.

All transactions and stock movements are available online for analysis within seconds of them taking place.

Real-time data, sales and stock reports can be viewed 24/7 on mobile or desktop devices anywhere in the world where there is a wi fi or internet connection.

Automatic and manual updates, upgrades and changes take place remotely – while StockLink Online data is easily shared with other applications through smart API integration.

There are no limits to the number of stores and outlets. Simply add new openings and acquisitions as your enterprise expands.
StockLink Online frees your business to fully explore and take advantage of numerous multi-channel retailing opportunities.

Because everything sits safely and securely in the cloud, you can focus 100% on giving your business true competitive advantages in your specific hospitality sector.

Numerous added value options range from implementing airtight business controls and accessing reports and business intelligence to running marketing, promotions or loyalty campaigns and offering customers real-time online shopping.

Financially, StockLink Online reduces overheads. No need to purchase or support costly in-house IT infrastructures. Everything is hosted on safe and secure external servers host. You only pay for the capacity you need.



Samtouch Epos Solution

Samtouch is the latest innovation in Point Of Sales Software which encompasses the features required by all major Retail & Hospitality sectors. Developed on the latest Microsoft .Net Technologies, Samtouch is the leading edge Point Of Sale Platform which is “Easy To Use”, reliable & a cost effective solution providing you with the management tools & information to allow you to operate & expand your business on your terms.

Online Takeaway Ordering


Online takeaway meal ordering is rapidly becoming a standard requirement for takeaways, restaurants and caterers,
with millions of customers ordering breakfasts, lunches and dinners online every month.

Takeaway, delivery or eat in, Mobo2Go online ordering provides a simple, convenient way to order meals from your PC, smartphone or tablet and avoids your customers having to stand in a queue.


Integrated Payments

What are integrated payments?

A faster and smarter way to take payment
In a world where most businesses depend on the ability to accept cards, integrated payments provides the missing link between card payment processing and the EPoS system, leading to improved reporting and transactional operations. It brings an interconnectivity that wasn’t there before.

Typically, integrated payments has been expensive and complex, keeping it within the territory of big businesses. That’s why we’ve built Connect™ the simple and affordable integrated payment solution made specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Remote Support

Because all our products work in the cloud, we can automatically solve most issues remotely online.

We have dedicated helpdesk team to offer you support to resolved any operational or technical issues you face during your day-to-day business.

The levels of support are dependent upon your service level agreement with us.

Should you require additional support for your solution please contact us on

0141 95O 6766

Support Request

Support Request

Technology Tools

Technology tools for multi-site operators
Effortlessly run multi-site hospitality operations and deliver first-class customer experiences with our technology tools. Take advantage of numerous cloud-based software solutions to quickly and easily manage cash, sales, stock, and your biggest single asset, your people. Real-time reporting analyses all your data, improves decision making and helps benchmark your business as it grows.

What We Can Do For Your Business

Who We Are

At Argyll Systems, we have over 30 years experience in designing, installing and servicing cash register and Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) systems. Specialising in the latest in hospitality and retail systems, our wealth of expertise ensures your business receives a bespoke system that can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Why Choose Us?

Not only are we specialists in electronic cash registers and EPoS systems but we also offer independent advice on both hardware and software. This way we can ensure that your business requirements are met fully.

Why do you need our services?

Cash registers are not just for totalling up a bill. EPoS systems can help with security, stock control and in-depth reporting. When linked to hand held devices, you can have an up-to-date picture of your inventory, helping with your ‘just in time’ ordering processes.


We can cater for all sizes of sales outlet, including yours, and we offer incredibly competitive prices. Why not call us today so that you too can experience the benefits our other clients currently enjoy.


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25 Years of intelligent business system solutions

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